Why your website needs to be the centre of your digital marketing efforts, not social media.

I’m going to start by saying, anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE socials, they are just my jam. But now that I’ve got that clear, this post is all about why social media should not be the centre of your digital marketing universe. The centre of that digital universe is a job for your website guys!

Want to know why your website should be your number 1 for life? Here’s a few of our top reasons:

The social landscape can change in the blink of an eye

The landscape of digital marketing, including social media assets, has changed enormously over the past 10 years creating opportunities none of us saw coming. But despite all of these opportunities to use social media for our business and personal lives, we remain powerless to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg when changes in social platforms happen. We can never truly own our social media assets and could wake up tomorrow and our social presence could literally be wiped clean! For that reason alone, it’s SO important to really own your website as the centre of your digital universe and invest in it accordingly – after all, it’s the only asset you have complete control over.

Your website is your shopfront

It’s the year of 2019 friends and in this day and age it doesn’t matter whether you are offering a physical product/service or rocking the e-commerce space, your website is ultimately your shopfront. This is where the majority of potential customers will make the decision to pursue your product or go searching somewhere else. With this in mind, your virtual shop front should be home to everything your customers need to know about you and act as a central hub of both information and inspiration.

Social content remains important, but is fed from your website efforts

Now just because we’ve spoken all about why your website should be the centre of your digi universe, does NOT mean that social media doesn’t play a very important role. Social media should still remain high on the priorities list and work hand in hand with any website efforts. Whenever you are updating or creating any content for that great website of yours, repurpose it! New blog posts turn into great facebook updates and new website imagery turns into engaging instagram content. Start mapping out how your ideal ‘digital universe’ looks on a page and go for gold creating a social content plan from there.

Are you picking up what we’re putting down but confused on how to implement some changes into that digital universe of yours? Check out Ethne’s range of plans including help with content writing and website assistance to get you started.

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