The Importance Of Spending Time Planning Out Your Website Project

Deciding to get a new website for your business is never a decision that is made quickly.  You normally find yourself scoping out what your competition has, consider ways in which your site could be better, look at what funds you have to put towards the project and then head out to find a suitable designer to design you a site that you hope will give you ROI.

A little exercise you may wish to take time in completing prior to finding your designer could be to complete a website project planner.

This won’t only help you define what you want out of a new website but also ensure you are working towards getting all of the elements your designer will need from you together ready for your project to start.

Download our website project planner below, print it out, grab a pen and start writing.  If you’re wanting others in your business to have input, come together and work on the document as a team so that you’re all on the same page and ready for your website designer to start your project.

Download By Clicking The Image Below 


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