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As a small business owner we know you’re often in pain when it comes to your digital marketing.

From the beginning of our journey at ethne. we have worked hard to alleviate this stress by offering affordable website, content creation, SEO and graphic design assistance.

While this has helped many of you, we know we can offer more to those that do not have the marketing budget to have us on their side weekly. Times are tough ... we know this!

We are talking about those of you that find digital marketing overwhelming but desperately want to learn more to be able to establish a presence yourselves.

It is our firm belief that all good digital marketing plans have a firm reliance on great content and the storytelling of your business.

But how exactly can we help you?

On the 2nd of March 2020 we will be opening The Content Club by ethne.


Via our private Facebook group and website membership area, we will be helping our members to develop their skills in content marketing, learn about tools to help make the job easier, encourage them to find inspiration and time to create great content along with all the tips and tricks we use ourselves!

As a member you will get:

A calendar of topics that will outline our weekly topics and learning outcomes.
Opportunities to request topics.
Private Facebook Group
Facebook lives with us.
Private membership area on our website.
How-to videos and written resources.
Opportunities to meet new biz friends on the same journey.
If this sounds like your jam ... head over to sign up for your subscription now.

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