The Small Biz Digital Marketing All-Stars

a membership community for small business legends.

You did not wakeup today to be mediocre.

Dear Small Biz Owner,

It's Steph and Gayel here and we want to invite you to join a special place we have been busy creating just for peeps like you.

As a small business owner we know you’re often in pain when it comes to your digital marketing.

From the beginning of our journey at ethne. we have worked hard to alleviate this stress by offering affordable website, content creation, SEO and graphic design assistance.

While this has helped many of you, we know we can offer more to those that do not have the marketing budget to have us on their side weekly. Times are tough ... we know this!

We also know that many of you find digital marketing overwhelming despite being aware it is an essential element of being in business in 2020 and that on it's own is a bad mix for your stress levels!

So how exactly can we help you, you ask?

On the 2nd of March 2020 we will be opening The Small Biz Digital Marketing All-Stars membership subscription. An exclusive community for business owners that want to learn more about digital marketing while keeping up with the ever-changing wild beast that it is! A place where being mediocre isn't an option.

As a member you will receive ...

  • Calendar of topics

    A calendar of topics that will outline our weekly topics and learning outcomes.

  • Weekly Live Catchups

    Once a week we will jump on and share with you a topic, teach you something new or just have a chat!

  • Member Specials

    Monthly specials on our services for members.

  • Opportunities to request topics.

    A chance to request topics that you want to learn more about.

  • Private Member Content

    A membership area on our website just for you with special content and resources that will assist you day to day.

  • Q&A

    Weekly Q&A sessions with Steph & Gayel.

  • Private Facebook Group

    A private group where you hear and learn from us and also can ask questions and network with others.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Opportunities to meet new biz friends on the same journey. 

  • Challenges

    Challenges to motivate and keep you engaged in producing the very best digital marketing content you can.

Join our community today.

We cannot wait to see you over at our place soon!


Steph & Gayel

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