How To Write A Blog Post On Your WordPress Website

Taking over the reins of your shiny new WordPress website can be daunting and difficult. With so many options, settings and plugins you might not know how to write and post to your new blog. These instructions will teach you just that.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress site. This is done at and you will be greeted with the following page.

Step 2: You will now be greeted with your dashboard. From here, navigate over to the left sidebar, hover over ‘Posts’ and click on ‘Add New’

Step 3: Now you will be within the WordPress block editor. The first step in here is to give your blog post a title.

Step 4:
Now to add written content, photo, video and many other things, click on the line below that says ‘Type / to choose a block’. This has now created your first block. In here, you can type anything you like and format it like you would any other word processing software. To create a new block from here, click enter and it will create a new block underneath.

Step 5:
Let’s say you wanted to add a photo below this text. You will click enter to create a new block underneath, then navigate to the right and click on the black + button.

Step 6:
In this menu, there are the 6 most recently used block types. To see the rest of them, click on ‘Browse All’, however for our demonstration we will click on ‘Image’.

Step 7:
Here WordPress allows you to either upload a photo from your computer, select one from your websites media gallery or insert an image from a url such as We are going to upload one from our computer so we will click on ‘Upload’.

Step 8: I have gone ahead and selected a copyright free photo of a cat from my computer. Keep in mind copyright still applies to any content you post on your blog. From here we can go ahead and resize it using the blue and white dots on the right side and on the bottom.

Step 9:
Once you’re happy with your blog post and you are ready to share it with the world, navigate over to the right sidebar and click on ‘Post’. In this tab you can navigate down to ‘Categories’ and create a category. You can also go down to ‘Featured Image’ and upload or select an image from your media gallery that is relevant to your blog post. Doing these two things makes sure your blog post will display correctly.

Step 10:
Staying in the right sidebar, navigate to the top and click on the black circle with the A inside, these are additional settings we need to edit. We want to click on the ‘Sidebar’ dropdown and select ‘No Sidebar’.

Step 11:
Congratulations! You’re now ready to hit ‘Publish’ which is located in the top right. You will be presented with ‘Are you ready to publish’, click ‘publish’ again, and there we go, your blog post is live and ready for the world to read.

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