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Adding a new product to your WooCoomerce shop can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a first time user. You might find yourself wondering what everything does, where to go or even how to find your products.

The time for stress is over, as these instructions will teach you:
– How to create a product
– How to add a featured image and gallery
– How to set a price
– How to set stock levels
– How to create variations (Eg, Colour & Size)
– How to add your product to a category
– And how to publish your new product

How to create a product:

Step 1: Go to your dashboard and click on ‘Products’

Step 2: Click on ‘Add New’

Step 3: Scroll down and add a product name and description

How to add a featured image and gallery

Step 1: Scroll down to the ‘Product Image’ tab and click on ‘Set product image’

Step 2: Click on ‘Upload Files’

Step 3: Click on ‘Select Files’

Step 4: From this screen, navigate to your photos, select your main product photo and then click open. Note: Only select ONE image for this step, save any extra images for later.

Step 5: For additional images, click on ‘Add product gallery images’. Then repeat steps 2-4, selecting as many images as you like.

How to set a price

Step 1: Click on the ‘Regular price ($)’ text box and type in your price.

Step 2 (Optional Step): If you plan on having sales, also set a sale price in the text box below.

How to set stock levels

Step 1: Click on ‘Inventory’

Step 2: Tick the box ‘Enable stock management at product level’

Step 3: Insert your stock levels in the ‘Stock quantity’ text box

How to set and/or create product categories

To create a product category

Step 1: Scroll up to ‘Product categories’ and click on ‘+ Add new category’

Step 2: In the circled text box (below), enter your desired category name

Step 3 (Optional Step): If you would like to have this set as a sub-category, select the parent category from the drop-down menu

Step 4: To finalise your category creation, click on ‘Add new category’

To add a product to an existing category

Step 1: Scroll through your list of categories and tick the checkbox of the category of which your product belongs to

How to create variations (Eg, Colour & Size)

Step 1: Scroll down to ‘Product data’, click on the dropdown ‘Simple product’ and select ‘Variable product’

Step 2: Click on attributes

Step 3: Click on ‘Custom product attribute’ then click ‘Add’

Step 4: Click on the ‘Name’ text box and give your attribute a name such as Size or Colours. In the ‘Value(s)’ text box, enter your options such as shown below

Step 5: Tick the box ‘Used for variations’

Step 6: Click on ‘Save attributes’

Step 7: Click on ‘Variations’

Step 8: Click on ‘Add variation’ and from the drop-down box select ‘Create variations from all attributes’ and then click on ‘go’

Step 9: Follow any prompts, then you will be greeted with this screen

Step 10: Click on your top variation, your options will be revealed

Step 11: If you want to manage stock, keep following these instructions. If not, skip to step 12 and don’t input your quantity.
Click the tickbox next to ‘Manage stock?’

Step 12: Add your price, sale price and quantity. Remember, this is only for this variation, you may have different stock levels or pricing for different variations

Step 13: Scroll down and click ‘Save changes’ THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT

Repeat steps 10-13 for each of your variations.

How to publish your product

If you followed all of these steps correctly, you are now just one step away from unleashing your product to the world.

Scroll up to the ‘Publish’ panel, and click on ‘Publish’

That’s it!

You now have a product ready for the world to buy.

Don’t forget, if you need any assistance setting up your online shop, contact us 🙂

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