Hot Predictions For Digital Marketing In 2019


With all the excitement of a New Year, it’s only natural we get motivated to create ourselves the very best 12 months yet. Our social channels are still full of all those motivating quotes flipping off 2018 and raising a toast to the fabulous 2019.

When it comes to our business digital marketing it can sometimes be tough to know where to start. Enter…overwhelm. So we thought it would be great to throw together some hot predictions that we feel are going to be important for you to be aware of in 2019.


First up on our list is good old content. We have been told for years that content is king but many still don’t grasp the concept of just how powerful written and visual content is in their digital marketing.

Having a blog on your website and reaching out to your customers and website visitors with great information on your business, products and services is now an integral way to gain traffic to your website and have Google thinking your fab (in turn pushing your ranking up).

Of course you still need to be smart about your blogging, and include keywords you wish to rank for, but keyword packing (cringe!) is unnecessary and also not very pleasant for the reader (promise me…they will leave your site super fast), meaning this sort of behaviour will do more harm than good for your brand and site ranking.

See the article below for tips on keyword research in 2019 and if you haven’t gotten a blog setup on your WordPress website yet or simply need help with content planning and creation…lets chat!

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Voice Search

Ensuring your website is voice search optimised is a biggy this year with an estimated 60% of searches coming from voice every single day.

Given also, that Google is now moving to an answer engine model (meaning less focus on traffic to your site and more on mining your site for content to provide answers) the ability for your site to be found for your products, services, opening times etc is of huge importance.

You might be asking yourself about now, how on earth do you do action this on your own site, so below are our two actionables.

1. Website Copy

Writing website copy in a manner that you know you’re target audience speaks is essential. ie. Don’t be using the term lavatory if you’re a plumber and the entire nation of Australia calls it a toilet.

2. Schema Markup

Adding schema markup to your website enables Google to very quickly find the data it needs on your website to provide the answers searches are asking for. Without going into too much complex information about schema markup, if you’re interested the ethne. team are able to assist you in placing schema on your site.

Data Privacy

Let’s face it, data privacy in 2018 turned a massive corner with the implementation of GDPR laws coming out of the European Union.

We need to ensure that all data collected now abides by these privacy laws despite the GDPR laws have only been set by the European Union thus far. (It won’t be long before Australia follows suit)

Here is a brief break down on what GDPR is :

  • Organisations will need to be specific about what will happen with the data.
  • The tracking of consent is mandatory. The data controller (organisation that collects the data) must know when consent was given.
  • The individual consumer must explicitly opt-in to allow personal data to be processed.
  • An individual consumer has the right to withhold consent for their data to be processed, and the organisation should not stop them from using a service if they choose to do so.
  • Consumers have the right to access information collected about them and a “right to explanation”, in which they can ask why an algorithmic decision was made about them.

Design Trends

Lastly, design trends. Staying on trend in some way or another is really important. You don’t need to be changing up your logo to match right now trends, but you certainly should be taking elements through your social media and website if they will work well with your brand.

Read on below for the 2019 design trends.